February 12, 2014

What's Wrong With Being Nice? Likable vs. Unlikable Heroines

To be a heroine, you've got to be tough.

You can't easily give up, you have to face and overcome your fears, and yes occasionally you may have to kick ass and take names.

I remember coming home from school in the afternoons and watching the Wonder Woman television show with my big sis. We loved it! She was beautiful, independent, and fought for justice. We liked all that, and we liked her.

We're supposed to like our heroes and heroines, right? We have to relate to them on some level because whether consciously or subconsciously, we expect them to be a better version of ourselves. We admire people we can look up to. They don't have to be perfect, because we cringe at the idea of the too-perfect-for-everyone Mary Sue.


Is there such a thing as an unlikable heroine? Is there room for the trash-talking, unconventional, witchy (with a "b") heroine who we'll root for and follow? Is there a double standard, where some "anti-heroes" can get away with being the lovable jerk, but not the gals?

Well, I discuss all this today in a guest post at indie author Khaalidah's blog. Hop on over and take a peek, and don't be shy about sharing your feedback and thoughts.

--Alesha Escobar

Khaalidah's Blog

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  1. Sorry about the mix-up, guys. Khaalidah has my guest post at her blog live now. If you missed the post, I apologize, and I hope you head on over to see it! :)