September 15, 2016

Detectives and the Supernatural: Interview with Ronovan Hester

A detective encounters a strange murder--and the supernatural is suspect. This is not going to be your average cop-meets-monsters story. Promise.

What Ronovan Hester brings us in the upcoming magical realism anthology, MAGIC UNVEILED, is sheer creativity with a unique twist. We caught up with him and hounded him with a few questions (book cover and links at the end of the interview!).

Author Interview: Ronovan Hester

Tell us about your story in the upcoming Magic Unveiled anthology, and why it's going to affect readers?
 In Unusual Suspect, two detectives handle a case involving what are known as Hell Souls, souls that change places with human souls and use the human body as a host. I think part of the affect will be thinking of how there are different types of people that end up in hell, not just the outright evil.

 What's your definition of magical realism (as a genre)? What gives it a unique quality?
I think magical realism is almost self-explanatory. It’s magic that is a reality and not an oddity. There are people who know about it and treat it as part of everyday life. With magical realism there are consequences that don’t go away that might otherwise [go away] when magic is involved in other genres.

What was the most difficult part about writing or fine-tuning your story?
Definitely word count. I had a lot I wanted to say and having to explain what Hell Souls were while developing a story at the same time. The story is based on characters from a book I’ve written. I have the people developed already, but the limitations make it that much harder.

What are the benefits to producing an anthology with other authors? 

I think readers get to see different takes on a genre. We all have different stories and ideas of what the genre is.

If you could choose to be a character in your short story, you would be...
Detective Al Rodriguez is the narrator of the story and thus my mouthpiece, so I guess I would be him. He’s half Mexican and half Scottish-American. Not exactly my mix, but I am Scottish, Native American, and a dash of some other things.

Pick two of your co-authors to have over for dinner. Why?

Alesha Escobar would definitely be one because we’ve been friends for some time now. I don’t know the other authors, but looking at the information about them, I think Raven Oak would be a good dinner companion. It seems we have some similar interests.

Would you rather have immortality or immense power (financial, political)?

I think immortality would be good. With that you could gain knowledge and power over time.

What can we expect next from you?

I’m shopping a romance/coming of age novel around right now. I have several novels close to publishing worthy, from the Hell Souls book to a YA adventure novel.

Where can readers find out more about your books? has information on my debut novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling, a historical adventure set in 1705 England and the Caribbean.

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