January 15, 2013

Meet the Author: Devorah Fox


Devorah Fox


Port Aransas, Texas

Author of...

The Lost King (the sequel, The King’s Ransom, coming soon!)

Why I like reading fantasy

At a book chat I was asked my opinion as to why fantasy is so popular these days. I answered that I thought many people, myself included, study and work hard, yet we don’t feel as though we have much control or influence in our day-to-day lives. It’s cathartic to escape into a universe where people have the power to manipulate reality and to read of people very much like ourselves who rise to the challenge, battle and triumph over the most powerful and pernicious evil in the world (or any world).

Why I like writing fantasy

Writing fantasy challenges me to be extra imaginative, go a little over the top, take full advantage of the suspension of disbelief readers bring to a fantasy novel.

Fantasy books/authors I enjoy

Ursula leGuin and Janet Morris’s “Kerrion Empire” and “Silistra” Series, fantasy on the sci-fi side of the genre.

When I was in High School, I thought I'd grow up to become...

I thought I might like to be a spy like James Bond or a rock star like Grace Slick but since I couldn't keep a secret nor could I play or sing... I went off to college and majored in Linguistics and Anthropology. Maybe I could have gone into forensic anthropology and grown up to be Dr. Temperance Brennan, but that particular discipline didn’t even really get started until around the time that I graduated.

I've been writing since

...the third grade when I wrote a novel about a Korean orphan immigrant to the U. S. (What part of “write what you know” didn’t I get?) I illustrated it, too.

My greatest accomplishment so far as a writer

Putting my fiction “out there.” I’ve been writing professionally (promotional, journalistic and technical writing) for decades, and I know that my writing has helped and informed people. Having my fiction published has been a totally different experience. It’s not only entertained them, it’s emboldened them to take some risks themselves.


  1. Welcome, Devorah! OMG, an orphan immigrant story, how DID you write that one at such a tender age? :)

  2. Enjoyed the post Devorah. Also am enjoying the Lost King which is the first fantasy title I have tried. I think I may be hooked.-John

  3. I loved getting to know you a little more. You're certainly accomplised with writing skills. Do you still have the book you wrote in the third grade? So often, wonderful records like this are tossed aside.

  4. It's always so great to get to know fellow authors! :)The stories that have inspired us to be who we are today are such rich veins of creativity. I love them.