January 28, 2013

Official Blog Tour Schedule!

Are you excited? We are! The Heroines Tour starts on Friday, Feb. 1 and we are going to have a lot of fun. Contests, prizes, interviews and chats with the authors (and of course, their heroines), and an amazing giveaway near the end.

Just to let you know what to expect, here's our blog tour schedule:

February 1 - Heroine Interviews!

Meet the audacious, brave, and unique leading ladies of our fantasy novels.* We've got a woman who takes on the weight of the world through her magical gift, we have an empress who can inspire kings, a wizard spying against Nazi warlocks, a shape-shifter who can wield a sword with the best of them, and Grim Reaper's novice!

*The following interview links will be live Feb. 1, 2013

Francene Stanley
Alesha Escobar

Samantha S Lafantasie

Devorah Fox
Cecilia Robert

February 2 - Chat with "Reaper's Novice" author, Cecilia Robert

Drop by the Reaper's Novice page at Goodreads and say hello to Ms. Robert. Do you love the book cover? Have you read it and want to comment or ask a question? Are you simply curious about it? Don't miss out!

February 3 - If I Were the Lead in a Fantasy Novel

If I Were The Lead in a Fantasy Novel... our authors share who they'd want to be if they starred in a fantasy story--and you can too! Join the discussion at our Facebook page:

February 4 - Chat with "Lost King" author, Devorah Fox

Drop by our Q&A with Devorah Fox at Goodreads! Wait, you mean Empress Alexandra will be holding the Q&A? Sweet!

February 5 - CONTEST TIME!

Win iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, books, handmade bookmarks, etc. when you play!

Samantha LaFantasie's Contest

Alesha Escobar's Contest

Francene Stanley's Contest

Devorah Fox's Contest

Cecilia Robert's Contest

February 6 - Chat with "Tower's Alchemist" author, Alesha Escobar

Were there really female spies during WWII? What were some of the most interesting parts about mixing history and fantasy? Join Alesha and shoot her your comments and questions at the The Tower's Alchemist page at Goodreads.

February 7 - Guest Posts

From using tarot cards to decide the fate of characters to pondering whether or not urban fantasy does a disservice to women, check out our authors' guest posts at one another's blogs.

Cecilia Robert's Blog

Alesha Escobar's Blog

Devorah Fox's Blog

Francene Stanley's Blog

Samantha LaFantasie's Blog

February 8 - Chat with "Heart Song" author, Samantha LaFantasie

Whether you want her to explain her unique take on werewolf myth, and what makes a good romance, drop by and share your questions and thoughts.

February 9 - BOOK GIVEAWAY

Book Giveaway is closed! Thanks so much for participating :)

February 10 - Chat with "Still Rock Water" author, Francene Stanley

You won't want to miss this one! Q&A with the author at the Still Rock Goodreads page, and final tour wrap-up.


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