January 9, 2013

Who's YOUR Favorite Literary Heroine?

I recently came across an interesting Goodreads discussion about our favorite heroines and literature and why we love 'em so much. The answers ranged from Hermione Granger to Jane Eyre, and the reasons included independence, bravery, and intelligence displayed by these ladies.

I know I like heroines who are willing to stand up for themselves and make tough decisions--even when it hurts. I like reading about a female protagonist who may not be perfect, but is relatable and just trying her hardest to do what's right. Oh yes, and a little bit of humor and sharp wit are also welcome.

If you had to name your favorite literary heroine(s), who would make the cut, and why?


  1. I like Lara Croft Tomb Raider. She's feminine, strong, clever and outshines the men in her life whilst continuing to love them.

  2. My favorite heroine...hmm...Honestly I don't know! I would probably say Goldmoon from the Dragonlance Chronicles. The obstacles that she had to overcome and rise above were very high for her.

  3. They're not fantasy-book heroines by any means but my childhood role models were Nancy Drew and by Rebecca of "Ivanhoe."

  4. Devorah, you just brought back some memories :) My sister and I were addicted to Nancy Drew books when we were younger.

  5. I feel lost on that. I never read them. I hear they are great. I'm hoping to get my daughter into them.